Kaveh Industrial Group has a history of nearly a century of manufacturing activity and employing specialized and experienced personnel, along with expanding its industrial management and support of specialized manpower, specialized machinery and equipment, has been able to produce safe, modern and specialized products, including Get away from office, hotel, banking, home and anti-theft doors.

Kaveh Industrial Company has succeeded in following this difficult path with the aim of uplifting the country and promoting the technical and qualitative level of manufactured products and relying on God Almighty, which has undoubtedly been the result of the unremitting efforts of our esteemed colleagues and the proper management of human resources. Establish industrial companies in Iran and Middle East countries.

Relying on the perseverance and efforts of managers and directors in tackling economic and manufacturing problems, we are proud to announce that Kaveh Industrial Group has managed to satisfy more than 92% of its customers across the Middle East by providing the highest quality of products in a short time.

With the providence of the Supreme Being and taking advantage of the maximum of domestic resources and creativity and capabilities of Iranian specialists, we hope that we can provide our dear people with products and services of higher quality.

In today's fast-paced world, organizations need to take creativity and innovation as a top priority and be flexible and responsive to external and internal changes in order to survive and stay competitive.

We know that God’s helps, nearly a century of experience and leadership in technical and engineering units, and efforts of all members of the big family of Kaveh Industrial Group have backed us on this difficult path. To maintain past achievements, we undoubtedly need to develop working infrastructures in new areas, actively attend in global markets, take a comprehensive approach to all factors of progress, continuously improve the quantity and quality of our products, take advantage of the state-of-the-art knowledge of technical and engineering design, and encourage more effort of all employees.

Today, Kaveh Industrial Group has started a new chapter its history. We believe that quality is a definite right of the customer and a prerequisite to professionalism. This cannot be realized without regarding “customer satisfaction” and “compliance with technical and engineering standards” as a top priority as well as doing our best to achieve sustainable development and provide a sense of security and reassurance for our customers.

As a leading company in this area by a significant margin compared to other competitors, Kaveh Industrial Group seeks something beyond the objectives of previous decades.

Commitment to quality is also one of our core values. In addition, continuous improvement of the quality control and development system is one of our main strategies. We always try to encourage the involvement of employees in decision-making and planning to pave the way for the growth of creativity and innovation. It is a great honor for Kaveh Industrial Group to collaborate with committed and knowledgeable workforce, as one of the valuable assets of the company.

We hope to successfully deal with the problems and obstacles of this path by relying on the diligence, perseverance, and efforts of all members of Kaveh Industrial Group.


Vahid Sarami


Managing Director