Kaveh Industrial Company, with over a century of experience in manufacturing and employing specialized and experienced personnel, has been able to produce safe, modern and specialized products, in line with the development of its own industrial management and support of specialized manpower, equipment and machinery. From office firebox, hotel, banking, home and anti-theft doors, etc. that follow this difficult path with the aim of elevating the country and raising the technical and quality level of manufactured products and relying on God Almighty, which is undoubtedly the result of effort. Has consistently been respected partners and proper human resources management as one of the largest industrial production companies in Iran The Middle East countries.

It is proud to announce that the company, with the perseverance and dedication of its managers to combat economic and manufacturing problems, has achieved the satisfaction of more than 92% of its customers in the Middle East in the shortest time and with the highest quality.

We hope that with the help of the right and using the maximum of domestic resources and creativity and ability of Iranian specialists, we can gain higher qualifications in serving our beloved people.

In today's fast-paced world, organizations will remain in the competitive arena, bringing creativity and innovation to their forefront, considering flexibility and responsiveness to external and internal change as part of their business strategies.

To know and be aware of the unique path that led us through this difficult path, we have been the backbone of nearly a century of experience and advancement in engineering and engineering as well as the collective efforts of all our great Kave family colleagues. Undoubtedly maintaining the past achievements, developing and structuring new work areas, being present in the overseas business environment, the need for a holistic approach to all factors of progress, continuous quantitative and qualitative promotion of products, utilizing technical and engineering design knowledge and the emergence of the world. And it demands the double effort of all the partners in the company.

Today, Kaveh Industrial Company has started a new step in the field of business, in that it considers quality the right of the customer and the necessity of professional work and considers itself obliged to provide it, and believes that this will not be the case. It puts "Customer Satisfaction" and "Technical and Engineering Standards" on its agenda and requires them to adhere to and implement the above to achieve sustainable development and safety and security for their countrymen.

Given that Kaveh is a long way from the companies operating in this field, it is aiming for a higher goal than it was decades ago.

In explaining the approach of implementing product and security projects for banks and offices and developing sustainable solutions, paying special attention to the needs and goals of real and legal customers is one of our principles. Commitment to quality is also one of our core values. At the same time, continuous improvement of the quality control system and development are our main strategies. We always strive to create the areas of creativity and innovation culture in the company by creating a collaborative work environment that empowers employees in decision making and planning. We pride ourselves on having committed and knowledgeable workforce that are among the core assets of the company.

I hope that this steep and steep path that has many difficulties and obstacles will come sooner and better with all the efforts, perseverance, reliance and effort of all my colleagues in the big family of Kaveh Industrial Company.

Vahid Sarami

Managing Director