Market demand and customer needs have always been a top priority for Planning and Manufacturing Department of Kaveh Industrial Group. All specialists and engineers of this company try to bring security to customers’ homes and workplaces with the highest quality. All employees in Engineering and Manufacturing Department of Kaveh Industrial Group do their best to provide quality and beauty along with security to customers like reputable foreign companies.

Production planning and control is an available management tool to achieve predetermined goals. Accordingly, a manufacturing system is associated with four factors that are quality, quantity, cost, and time. Manufacturing planning begins with the analysis of data on product demand, plan delivery, etc. Then a plan is developed to use corporate resources such as machinery, materials, and manufacturing personnel to achieve the goals. The manufacturing control plan foresees corrective measures for possible differences between actual and preplanned achievements.

What follows is part of the responsibilities of Manufacturing Planning and Control Department:

  • Precise scheduling for proper utilization of manufacturing capacities to meet the orders
  • Developing a manufacturing plan for each order and communicating it to the Manufacturing Director for planning the operations
  • Monitoring and controlling the warehouse, the inventory control system, the order points and minimum inventory, entry and exit of goods, coding, arrangement, movement, and maintenance of goods in the warehouse, delivery, and quality assessment of items in stock
  • Managing the orders, determining the required materials and parts, and coordinating with Trade Department
  • Preparing analysis reports
  • Preparing the manufacturing and assembly schedules and submitting them to the relevant departments
  • Preparing daily manufacturing reports for senior managers