After-Sales Service is one of the dynamic and active departments of Kaveh Industrial Group. The experienced personnel of this department provide 24-hour services even on holidays to increase customer welfare and satisfaction.

After-sales services involve light and heavy safes, safe boxes, and elevator safes.

It is noteworthy that Kaveh Industrial Group tries to increase the security level of its products and customer trust by offering new locks instead of making new keys.

Dear customer, please pay attention to the following points:

  • First, go through the registration steps in the website’s Support section. Then register the product’s serial number, mentioned on the warranty card, on the website to enjoy 1-year after-sales services and 5-year insurance.

  • To receive any service, please contact the telephone number on the label of the product. After-sales services are provided for products with a sound warranty label.
  • Technical experts are required to present their ID card to customers


You can contact our after-sales service centers via the following communication ways:

  1. Direct telephone number: 009877312345
  2. Company telephone number: 009852834 (internal number 2)
  3. Telegram and WhatsApp: 00989360041342
  4. Online chat on the website
  5. Telegram Channel (kavehservices)

For the ease of banks, institutes, and other customers of Kaveh elevator safes, our After-Sales Service Department is ready to conclude a contract with them for the provision of 24-hour, emergency, and periodic services.

For more information, contact After-Sales Service Department via 009877002462.

Note: After-Sales Service Department of Kaveh Industrial Group has established a customer club and a new website to provide services of higher quality to customers.